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Webshop AstroNumero is, as its name is saying - a shop, but it's not just that. Its founders, brother and sister Andrej and Janja Kikelj, offer through its pages only friendly products and services which can truly assist and help you.

Andrej Kikelj:

Andrej Kikelj

Mystics, afterlife, spirituality... such things have always intrigued me. And when the chance arrived, I joined a spiritual movement wherein I actively practiced yoga of bhakti or love.

After fifteen years of living in spiritual society I entered into marriage and into "normal" life, but my interests in higher things remained. My Aquarius/Uranian streak have now inspired me to connect spirituality with modern ways, such as computers and internet. Since I am a professional translator, I translated some good astrological and numerological works and edited them for computer programs. I myself have made my own numerology software, and also discovered some original numerological solutions.

All this is fulfilling to me because I feel that my work can be useful and helpful for others, too. At the moment I work in a private publishing firm, so I do numerology and astrology only for hobby, but I wish to commit more to spiritual life again soon.

You can write to me to: andrej@astronumero.si

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